8 Quick Personal Observations About Being Better at Writing

As I aim to make 2022 the best year yet for my writing career, here are eight quick thought that have found their way into my brain. I find them helpful for motivation and getting me out of the dumps, so I hope it has some value for you as well.

1. It is better to publish something mediocre than to hide a masterpiece.

2. Writing is a conversation. That amazing, earth-shattering and overwhelming thing you want to write about can be returned to and expanded upon over the years rather than something you must communicate perfectly one time.

3. The first time ever in your life when you tried you walk you landed on your ass. Over the years you've likely not only been able to walk upright but even been able to run. You can't run with your writing without allowing yourself to land on your ass first.

4. The best writing advice is to just write. This may be the thing many people with big writing dreams forget the most.

5. Nobody is yearning for a cheap imitation of Stephen King, but they have been unknowingly begging for the original you.

6. It is okay to suck. It is not okay to allow suck to be your final chapter in your writing life.

7. It is your personality, experiences and perspective that makes your writing stand out, so let that stuff honestly shine.

8. You can always be better. You should always want to be better.