It's a 'Radioactive' Friday

Ugh. This week has been a buffet of re-adjusting to the kids being in online schooling, catching up on a slew of client work and doing several meetings to lay-out my 2021 work schedule. On top of that, I've been trying to use any extra time to cram for The Breakdown of Best Movies of 2021. So, it has been rather hard to have the energy to write big pieces on the site, and this has been the kind of week where news has done an expert job of draining my energy anyway.

I decided to post one of the catchiest songs of the previous decade, and a song that I swore I'd already posted on here before. I am pretty sure I discovered Imagine Dragons around 2012 and quickly bestowed them one of my favourite new bands. This is coming from someone whose playlist is mostly made up of the songs from my high school years, so I immediately don't gravitate towards much in the new. It is safe to say in 2021 that Imagine Dragons no longer qualify as new.

But 'Radioactive' is still an amazing song. It also has the benefit of being a pretty fun video with battling stuffies and Muppet-like things. It was also the first time I saw Alexandra Daddario who is a fantastic actor that I've championed in the last few years. It also has Lou Diamond Phillips, who I've always been a fan too.

Friday seems just as good as any day to enjoy one of my favourite songs of the past ten years.