Five Ways to Increase Your Luck

I said at the beginning of the year that I didn't want to write outright self-help pieces, but rather offer up my positive thinking strategies through personal stories. But this week is going to me digging deep into a major project for a long-time well-paying client, and doing these positive thinking list pieces are really easy and quick for me -- and I find that they do connect with some of my readers. So, here we go.

Now, one may ask what authority does a writer who wrestles with depression and fighting up the mountain to reach my dreams have to discuss the ways to increase one's luck. Well, I have read a lot about positive thinking strategies and been giving it a lot of serious thought while also consulting people who has reached success with the strategies that I've started implementing. I also know that these strategies have transformed me into a more optimistic person, and I've seen an increase in my daily happiness and joy.

Rather than see these as five proven ways to increase luck, instead see them as five things that I'm also going to be implementing on my road to success and that I am confident will pay off. I'll share how they work out as the year progresses.

1. Believe you are lucky. I've often heard people bemoan about the luck that other people have or talk about how an author became a bestseller not because of their talent but rather how lucky they were in getting opportunities. The person who feels they are unlucky are already setting themselves up for failure. Lucky people believe that they are indeed lucky and expect good things to happen to them. They live their life assuming success will come and that major opportunities will arrive. If one is expecting success and opportunities, then they are more attuned and thus more likely to capitalize on the chances that stumble in front of them. They also better prepare themselves for the opportunities they are given. Lucky people are lucky because they are out everyday alert to the opportunities rather than wasting time complaining about how nothing good happens to them. A person who assumes great things are on their way are much more likely to reach their dreams and goals than pessimistic people who may be just as talented and skilled.

2. Be grateful. If one appreciates what they already have in life and are grateful for what they've achieve then they are more likely to feel they are lucky. If you can find the blessings and magic in every situation then you are going to be a happier person and think life is a wondrous rainbow. Lucky people have hard times and trials, but they are able to squeeze out the positives and lessons from the situation that enrich their lives. They may not get the full dream they envisioned, but a grateful person can love the things they do get from the pursuit.

3. Be kind and friendly. Lucky people aren't assholes. Lucky people value relationships and seek out new friends. Lucky people try to bring value to the lives of every person they meet. Lucky people are kind, compassionate and generous. If someone has left a positive impact in many people's live than they are more likely to be fondly remembered, and thus more likely to he helped and given opportunities in the future. You never know what connections a person may have or who may be able to be integral in helping you reach your dreams. Kind and friendly people tend to be pretty lucky because they have such a large and powerful network.

4. Work hard and always strive to be better. The secret sauce of lucky people is they have drive and they focus in on their dreams. They also always want to be better and continue to work on their skills. A person is lucky because they have the ability, confidence and skills to nail the opportunities that they are given. A lucky person believes in their abilities, but knows enough that they can still be better, but continue to work towards all their goals and dreams. If one is focusing and working towards their goals and dreams every day, then they will be surprised how often 'luck' comes their way.

5. Know that hard times will come but trust they will be followed by good. A lucky person doesn't give up. A lucky person gets back up after being knocked down. A lucky person is easy on themselves when they have made a mistake. A lucky person knows that failure is a learning opportunity. A lucky person sees a challenge and opportunities as a way to be creative and become stronger. Lucky people believe great things are coming on the way even when they don't see it or feel it. Lucky people decide they are lucky even if the evidence isn't there yet.