Things I Will Say That I Did at the End of 2021

Sorry readers, this week was more of a throwaway writing week on the site than most week in 2021. If you are some of the amazing people checking in each day, I promise things will start getting more substantial as next week progresses. As the year goes on, I hope to really have the writing train chugging along and will have lots of unique and interesting pieces for everyone to read.

I hope to get so deep into my writing groove that I'll finally start achieving some of my goals and dreams that I've been writing about for the last decade. As my confidence builds, I am starting to truly believe my dreams are destined to be reality.

Here are a few things that I believe I will be able to say that I accomplished in 2021.

1. My family and friends will with no doubt know that I love them. Not writing but I have a bad habit of obsessing about my career and forgetting to live in the wonderful moment with people that I love. I know my career will be better if my relationships are strong. A strong and happy family is hundred billion times more valuable than a successful career,

2. I posted something of value every single day on this site. I have stuck with my goal of posting something every single day this year. The whole 'value' part is debatable, but I'm confident that will increase as the year goes on. For times that I am busy or travelling, the plan is to have some stuff postdated, so you never notice when I'm gone.

3, Send out at least one short story and have a manuscript for a novel finished. The goal will be accomplished by sending out a short story before this month is done. My plan is to have a novel to shop around to agents, but I'll definitely have a novel finished and polished by the end of the year.

4. Write a review for every movie I see for the rest of the year. Some reviews will be big thousand word deep-dives, but others will just be quick 350 words that still have some insight and value. I also will be knees deep in my MCU and Disney animated movie series reviews.

5. Have either finished or far along in a serialized story. This has been a project I've wanted to do for years now, but with my plan to dig a bit deeper into fiction this year, I'll be in the proper mindset to finally rock this.

6. Increase my readership and listeners. My goal is to at least quadruple my readership and listeners by the end of the year. I know the key is to dig deeper into promotion and to stay consistent in posting something every day. I also will continue to look at ways to improve my writing and podcasting in a way that appeals to a larger audience. I also want to continue to entertain and bring value to my current readers and listeners.

7. Start making videos for my YouTube channel. That plan is to do something related to movies, but I'm still a way off on sorting out exactly what I want to do on there.

8. Create a newsletter. Another thing I've been planning for several months but still need to figure out how it works alongside the articles that I will write on here every day.