Going Forward

As a follow-up to my piece about how I've been haunted with the belief that my reviews or other articles needing to personify perfection has been the undoing of this site. I've also come to the realization that I also need to stop beating myself up on my career missteps and then feeling that I need to make a grand reboot for the site.

Saying that, consider this my humble reboot of the site,

My goal going forward is to not only have something posted for every single day this year, but to have a better focus on the actual goals of the site. Though the intention is to keep a personal spin that occasionally reflects upon things like mental health and my family with the hope to embed it into my hot takes on movie news or movie reviews. Or at least, along with a personal piece for the day that I'd also have analysis on interesting movie news or a movie review as well.

I've been trumpeting away for months that in the realm of reviews that I also intend to write a review for every MCU, and Disney animated theatrical release. On top of that, I've been promising that I'd indeed write reviews for 2021 releases, the movies reviewed for the podcast and assortment of other movies. 

I'll admit that partly those nagging dark voices have steered me away from writing movie reviews. But fuck them.

The best way to stick with my goal of writing movie reviews for this site is to stop being precious about what a movie review should be or believe it needs to have a set length. Even when it comes to those movies for the review series that I am doing, I must start being okay for all reviews to potentially have a length of anywhere from a thousand words all the way to a hundred and fifty words. I need to do something quick but of quality if I'm going to write about every movie that I see and keep my goal of writing other stuff on here as well; plus do all my paid writing and be an involved dad.

I also have mentioned in the past of doing a monthly log of what I've seen, and I'll probably attach that with the monthly roundups that I've been doing. I can do quick little reviews for books or shows or movies that didn't get full reviews there.

One of the big things that will make it easier to accept doing short reviews or tribute is reminding myself that those pieces don't have to be the final say on that person or work. I can also return to it with new thoughts or explore different elements that I've observe. There are movies that I'll see more than once and while I probably only have to write a traditional review of those movies once, I can add some new observations of a movie after my next viewing. My goal is to have some quick pieces and analysis every time I see something.

The art of the riff is a thing that I must master if this site is going to grow and continue to be pop culture-based content on here every day rather than just my kids' baby pictures.

I know I've written this before but since this is my 1, 304th reboot of the site that I thought some redundancy was acceptable. Here are a few things I aspire to be on the site in the coming months.

1. Review series for every MCU movie.

2. Review series for every Disney theatrical release.

3. A written review for every podcast movie.

4. A written review for every 2021 release that I've seen.

5. The long hyped weekly serialized story. Probably try to post it on the Friday. It is likely still a few weeks away.

6. My honest experiences with both mental health and parenting. I will try to weave these into pop culture and movie pieces.

7. A monthly wrap-up of all the pop culture I've seen, listened to and read. Short reviews of stuff that never got a full review.

9. Try to catch up on all the movies over the last decade that never got written reviews. This will be a task that likely will never be finished.

10. More hot takes on major movie news items.

11. Write tributes to significant stars that had an impact on my life, but I never got around to writing a proper tribute when they passed.

12. I'm still trying to work out how I am going to review wrestling, but I'd like to do reviews for some older wrestling shows. I don't know if it should be recap style or written like my movie reviews. I've never done recap style and I'm not sure if my writing style or even my interest in doing that style will be effective.

13. This one may be in a few months, but I'd like to write some reviews for old-school adventure games and maybe even do a series chronicling how it evolved over the years. I've got quite a few old Sierra and LucasArts adventures games, so I could pull it off.

14. More bizarre and quirky creative writing pieces that exist just because.

15. Pieces looking at my own creative process.

But the key is writing every day. And writing stuff that I feel add value and can connect with readers.

I know that a lot of my pieces this year have been throwaway just so I can have something to post. But to be fair to myself, I also have written some very heartfelt and meaningful pieces this year too.

Thank you for going with me on this writing journey. It is just getting started.