4 Fakez


Aw shit!

So, there has been a slew of adjusting back to the online learning grind. It seems that the kids are already being struck by the cabin fever. There has been some peace keeping and needing to help with some work and playing the role of the dancing monkey and even some last minute runs to the school to pick up items. Needless to say, the time has been blasting past me and all the writing I expected to do on this site has been gobbled up. So, once again I look like the dirty rotten liar.

Essentially, my days have mostly being smothered doing stuff for my kids. When there is some brief time not kid or school related, it has been writing sales copy or pitching to publications, which is the way I make a living. It means the site has unfortunately been relegated as low priority this week.

Of course, if anyone wants to send thousands of dollars for me to write on the site, then we can solve this problem immediately. Though I accept you may not trust my track record.

I did write the piece about Vin Diesel starring in a movie about a dated toy, but it ended up taking way more time than I planned due to constant interruptions and needing to shift over to pay copy several times. I also can't write any movie reviews because my nights have been stuffed with catching up on work, so I haven't seen any movies that I can review.

This means I have totally failed in reviewing any Oscar nominees before the actual Oscars. The plan is to review a few in the proceeding days after the awards show before kicking off the MCU, Disney animated and movies released since I became a critic series. Nomadland is a for sure review, and then I may try a few of the other nominees that are on Disney Plus and Netflix.

Since the halfway point of the year is almost here, I will also try reviewing some of the 2021 releases that don't cost a dinner out to rent.

And review anything else that may move me, but the above will be major focuses.

But not today. but I am sure you were just riveted with what you got.