Excited for April


Actually, Danika is excited about the present she just opened, because this picture is from her birthday on March 1st. I want to harness that pure joy to craft my outlook for this upcoming month. It is going to be a great month and I'm going to have a lot of great reviews and articles on here this month.

I was looking back at something I wrote 15 years ago, and was reminded that soaking in regret and self-disappointment was a thing that I did often. I think one of the reasons that I haven't accomplished all the things that I've wanted to do in my life is due to how hard I'm on myself when I stumble and how much I doubt my skills to accomplish my dreams. Being aware this is an ongoing problem is great first step towards healing.

I'm going to be easier on myself. I'm going to be more patient. I'm going to persevere and continue write my way to my dreams.

I'm also going to look at that picture up there and revel in the pure happiness and joy that Danika is radiating onto me. I'm going to embody the joy, optimism and energy of a child.

I think it is something more adults need to do.

April is going to be great.