But I'm Grateful. . .

M kids learning from home means my work is constantly interrupted, but I'm grateful that I have unexpected extra time to bond with them and can be more involved in their educations for a bit.

I am really sad that I can't see my friends and family, but I'm grateful we live in a time where technology makes it easy to connect in other ways.

There are things I'd love to buy my kids or big vacations that I can't afford, but I'm grateful that we are comfortable enough that most of our wants and desires are luxury items.

It is hard when my podcast or an article draws a small audience, but I'm grateful that there are people who connect and love it.

It is draining getting in arguments or being yelled at for doing something wrong, but I'm grateful that I have people who love me enough to push and challenge me.

An impatient driver almost hit me and my kids, but I'm grateful that they didn't.

Paying bills can be stressful, but I'm grateful for the service that was provided and I can show my appreciation in a monetary form.

It is frustrating writing time consuming pieces that get little response while a guy posting his ham sandwich gets hundreds of likes, but I'm grateful he earned his audience and he is proof that I can grow an audience if I keep putting in the work.

When I'm busiest my kids seem to need me the most and a work day seems to be more time spent with them than writing, but I'm grateful that my kids still love me and want to spend so much time with me. I will treasure it while it lasts.

I often feel lonely and fight depression, but I'm thankful that I do have people who love me and are willing to listen.

It is a bummer receiving a rejection letter for a proposal I put my heart into, but I'm grateful that I have built another work relationship with future potential and my work was good enough that they took the time to respond to me.

My career is not where I want it and many of my goals seem so far off, but I'm grateful for what I have achieved and that I have the talent and desire to continue to get better and will achieve my dreams.

I really miss movie theatres, but I'm grateful they will be back open some day and I have so many great movies that I can watch and review from home.

The pandemic has been really hard, but I'm grateful for so many things.