If I Had the Money. . .

This is the year where success is going to blast me right in the face.

While success isn't all about the money, it is usually a nice aspect of it.

If money is really marching its way into my life then here are a few things I would like to do with it.

Invest: I know, sexy, eh. But investing is not a thing that I've done much because I've constantly felt that I had no money. Having money would mean I can help put more into my kid's future educations and other investments that will allow my wealth to grow. This means there would be lots of money for potential rainy days but also any big ambitious plans that we may have for the future. Plus it just feels like a thing adults are supposed to do.

Help with major renovations. Emily is the one that has made all the major purchases and kept our family afloat through the years. It has led to a lot of emotional and mental struggles for me as I feel I failed as a provider. We are currently getting ready for some major renovations on our house and property. Rolling in the money means that I can play a big part in helping out and thus taking out a smaller line of credit or maybe none at all.

Big memorable awesome family trip. Emily has planned most of our vacations. We have had to do most of them on a budget. When the money rains from the heavens from my super successful writing career, I would not only plan but able to pay for something huge. Maybe a resort or Disney World or a trip across the oceans. All things that my family has really wanted.

Super duper grand romantic gesture. Not just dinner but a weekend or something very special for the love of my life.

A new computer. I've needed one for years. Money would mean I can finally justify the purchase.

Charity. I would actually want to get more actively involve and put some strategies in place for more money raising efforts for several important and worthwhile organizations. Once I fall into the category of 'well-off' then I feel obligated in putting a significant amount of money towards great causes.

Support many great artists and creators. There are so many writers and creators that I want to support via Patreon or other ways. As someone who wants to sell novels and make money off this site, it is mandatory in my mind to support those whose work that I love and has connected with me. The flowing of money means a certain amount would be going towards those that make beautiful things.