The Breakdown of 'Things Heard & Seen', 'Love & Monsters', 'The War with Grandpa' and Tribute to Norman Lloyd


This week we've got some scary things for you like a haunted house, giant monsters and Robert De Niro in another family comedy. Amanda Seyfried stars in a 1980s set haunted house thriller called Things Heard & Seen. Then we have a big budget action comedy with giant creatures in the Dylan O'Brien starring Love & Monsters. We wrap up the movie reviews with the family comedy about a kid trying to get grandpa out of his room in The War with Grandpa.

After the reviews we have a few topics, we talk about the controversy surrounding the Golden Globes and if we think the awards show can recover. Or more importantly, should we really care if it recovers? After that, we pay tribute to a screen legend who was in movies with some of the all-time biggest stars in Norman Lloyd.

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The Movies' Four-Star Rating
Things Heard & Seen ** (CS) & *½ (SM)
Love & Monsters *** (CS & SM)
The War with Grandpa * (CS & SM)