The Breakdown of 'The Woman in the Window', 'Army of the Dead', 'Modern Times' and Remembering Charles Grodin and Samuel E. Wright

One of the major goals of The Movie Breakdown is to show love to film history and analyze major movies from the past. While we have discussed a few Silent Era movies, we haven't reviewed a picture starring who may be the biggest movie star during the Silent Era and was the first true box office powerhouse, Charlie Chaplin. We finally review one of his significant movies and the one that has the final appearance of his iconic Tramp character in Modern Times.

We also have two new releases coming from Netflix. We have the Joe Wright directed and Amy Adams starring psychological thriller in The Woman in the Window. Then it is Zack Snyder's return to the zombie picture in the action-thriller Army of the Dead.

After the reviews, we discuss the long-term implications of Amazon Prime buying MGM. We also pay tribute to the great comedic actor Charles Grodin and the iconic voice of Sebastian the crab, Samuel E. Wright.

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The Movies' Four-Star Rating
The Woman in the Window ** (CS) & * (SM)
Army of the Dead ** (CS & SM)
Modern Times ***½ (CS & SM)