I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

What I Desperately Hope You Will Read


I got the daily posts down. Even if I wholeheartedly admit that constant excuses over why I did not write a substantial piece is not the way to grow a site audience.

My new goal is to conquer the slobbering ogre and start posting movie reviews of various lengths a few times a week. On top of that, I want to be much better on reacting to movie news that I have an opinion or some insight to offer. To round out the daily pieces, throw in either some personal anecdote or experience when it comes to parenting or writing or mental health.

Right now, the plan is to master the above and write stuff that can really connect with my readers. Considering you are reading this, this is news that you should be excited about.

I also know that if there is any chance of this site being a part of my monthly income that I need to aim for several pieces a day like all those other professional movie sites. I won't ever be able to write as many articles as they do. I won't be able to break any major news. But my hope is my own personal take and personality will be enough to make one care about what the hell I am typing away about.

In order to do this, especially when all my income is coming from other writing that demands my time and during a provincial lockdown that means I am a month and counting sharing my workspace with my two energetic and busy children, I will need to master the short and to-the-point riff.

As I have already mentioned, the plan is to post a longer form movie review or reflection on culture or life in the morning that would be the headliner that will then be accompanied by short riffs scattered through the day. The riffs could be anything like a quick response to some movie news or a trailer or maybe even some news not related to movies or maybe sharing an anecdote from an event from my past or some misguided attempt at humour or creative writing..

Also in my ongoing attempt to not psyche myself out over how a movie review needs to stand up to the worth of the movie or needs to cover all aspects, the riff will be my returning to another point or another observation of a picture that my review did not initially cover. Or it can be my revisit to a movie that I've rewatched.

Also there are about one hundred tributes to fallen starts that I have also psyched myself out from writing about because I didn't think I could capture them properly or I kept pushing it off. A quick riff could be some thoughts I have about them and several slowly posted over time can be stitched into a larger tribute. 

The riff will also just be a way to work out different types of writing and allow me to be a bit more experimental. It will allow the site to have a steadier stream of content but also keep my writing skills sharp by doing several different forms through the day. It will help my speed and focus.

There may be days that I can fire off several of these and there may be days that one riff is all I even post with no headline piece. With the kids still home, these kinds of days will be more frequent than I like to admit.

The key is I am constantly thinking about ideas and article for this site. I am excited to make sure we end May will some of my best stuff in a long time.