Retro Reheat: Advice I'd Give To 13 Year Old Me

(CS: I wrote this in March of 2010. I feel like so much has happened since this including ten plus more years of marriage and two very creative kids. I feel like I know have a whole slew more of new advice to give to 2010 Christopher, but lots of his advice is pretty solid.)
If you are on a camping trip and you think you're on an island, YOU AREN'T!

When you are given a poetry exam, make sure you actually write it rather than scribbling a love poem on the back.  Teacher's have this funny thing where they only grade what they assigned you.

Don't let your beliefs get in the way of what is important, love.

You might want to think about attending your last year of high school, because there is a chance that could be beneficial in the long run.

If you decide to do that whole crazy attend your last year of high school thing, then you might want to think about not waiting 10 years to apply to University.  Trust me, you'll do great.

GET YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE!  Well, not yet because you're only 13 and that is not actually allowed. (CS 2021: Don't beat yourself up over things you can't change.)

You are going to accumulate this kicking CD collection, don't let a 'wave of morals' convince you to throw them out when you are 24 because about a year later, you will want to beat up 24 year old you.  It is never good to want to beat yourself up.

If you are ever helping your fiance (yeah, you'll get one of those) with a weekend class trip at Rattlesnake Point, please don't go into the woods alone under any condition.

Never ever lose your imagination and love of storytelling, because you'll then spend too much time trying to get it back.



Eat a lot of ice cream.

The above three will help you through almost any tough period.

In high school, it is okay to have some crushes on girls, but never think a girl not wanting to date you has any reflection on who you are.

Man, don't listen to Matchbox 20 over and over after you got your 'heart broken'.  Just go out with the guys and have fun instead.

Be open minded.  You'll do a pretty good job of that without this advice but it is always important to hear.

You'll go to a few 'celebrations' when you get older and make sure to have a few less drinks than you think you can handle.

Valentine's Day is not actually optional when you're in a relationship.

Write, and when you are done then be sure to write some more.  You've always loved it and there is no point losing it.

Make sure you actually wear your mittens in the winter.  This will probably save you from having to buy about 25 pairs in the future.

When your good friend says he wants you to hang out with him, his girlfriend and her friend the day before Valentine's Day, tell him you have to wash your hair (you'll still have some then). (CS: Meh. Nothing wrong with a one week relationship.)

Don't be afraid to fail.  And remember it actually happens to everyone.

More importantly, don't be afraid to succeed.  It can happen to everyone.

One evening in Golden, BC you'll have a chance to drink a beer that you never heard of before.  Leave it.  It tastes like bug spray.

A cup of coffee in your hand and your mom's booklets for her students in your other, it is a really bad combination that must be avoided.

Actually, anything that can spill or leave a stain should never be allowed near important documents when in your presence.

Always dance and sing in the shower, because if all your dreams fall apart, there will be these influx of dance and singing contests after 2000 on TV that you can enter.

In a few years you'll hear about Y2K, it is pretty much a let down.

You won't own a flying car by 2010, mainly because they won't exist.  You should actually give up that dream.

Don't give up any dreams (hey, those flying cars might be around in 2020). (CS 2021: Nope.)

Don't get too excited about those Star Wars prequels that George Lucas is promising.  Just saying.

You know what, you can probably ignore almost all this advice  because when I was 13 years old I wasn't given it.  I still ended up with an amazing wife, a wonderful home, beautiful pets and a life I am very happy with. (CS: Now you have two amazing kids, two adorable dogs and an affectionate cat. Life is good.)