Pardon This Interruption

The site was about to take on some crazy momentum this week and so, of course the week I started an ad campaign would be the week that I ran head first into the unforeseen wall of complications that also caused some emotional turmoil to come crashing down on top of me. I am currently trudging through a sea of emotional molasses that is slowing down my energy and creativity while still executing the circus juggling act of completing client work and managing two kids who are less than thrilled to be back into online learning.

If I am going to be completely honest, I am burnt out and pushing back the beast of depressions while still trying to keep this career from sinking into the bottom of the ocean. I'm going to keep trying to rock out the best stuff that I can for this site but for the hundredth time I have sadly decided that the rest of this week will be quickie bits or reposts while I'm hopefully prepare to blow my readers away with lots of stellar content next week.

One of the challenges of being over-ambitious is I tend to have about fifty things that are swirling around in my mind and each being things that I hope to reach peak success. On top of the jumble of dreams and goals, I only have so much time in the day to work on the site while managing kids and the client work that actually pays bills. Then when the day ends, I battle some sprinkles of frustration and border-line depressions over feeling like I am no closer to my dreams due to minimum work on here or not growing my audience.

I have to embrace the magical world of patience and trusting my abilities to reach my dreams with the belief that if I write high quality content each day and continue to find ways to improve the podcast that I'll find the audience and my work will pay off.

While this week won't see an explosion of beautiful words, I do intend there to be a whole carnival of them for most of June and to the great BEYOND!!!! 

So, what should be expected in June?

The big thing is that we are making a major shift to The Movie Breakdown. I really hope that this change appeals to our already loyal listeners, but Scott and I discussed it and in order to keep the podcast going that we really needed to make some major transitions.

For years, we have done three to four movie reviews each week. But if you remember when we started way back in 2013, we used to do a deep-dive review on a single movie. I moved to the multi- review format because it allowed us to have a variety of different movies and throw in a few lesser-known independent or foreign pictures. But starting next week, we are returning to the deep-dive one movie review format and it will have a bit of the freeform Midweek style. We hope you enjoy this major change that we are throwing at you after 401 episodes.

This also means that I won't feel obligated to review four or five movies that are to be also discussed on the podcast. Only having one podcast movie means I have time to start diving into the long-hyped MCU movie and the Disney animated theatrical releases. I can also throw in some other pictures and have a bit more variety.

This will free me up to add more diversity in my plethora of planned reviews where I can discuss old adventure games, some older TV series, look at some books, some old wrestling shows and various other pop culture things. On top of that, I still plan to go forward with my weekly fiction story and other various creative writing pieces not directly movie related.

The hope is that as the month progresses that I get into the groove of multiple postings a day that can be quick riffs on movie news thoughts or parenting adventures or personal anecdotes or sharing my creative process or whatever moves me to write. 

I hope you love it. I hope you love it because I am sharing my soul and plan on working hard to create engaging pieces that connect and resonate and entertain. I also really desperately hope the pieces connect because writing is in my blood and I yearn for my career to grow. I think the best way for my career to be a success is to grow my readership on my site and the listeners to the podcast.

If you do connect or love anything that I write or record then please share it. Please support it. But the most important part is only do it if you really love it and it really means something to you.

I look forward to June being a month where there is lots of stuff to potentially love.