The Breakdown of The Goonies


The Movie Breakdown has surpassed 400 episodes and so, it seemed time to do something drastic. Long-time listeners may remember that for the first several months of the show, we would do an entire episode devoted to a single movie and dive deep into all aspects of it. For various reasons after doing the multi-review format for 7 years, we've decided to take a huge gamble and return to that style. We've also heard from quite a few listeners that they really enjoyed the Midweek Breakdown style, and so the more freeform discussion and format is going to be a major part of this new version of the show.

This is a huge change for those that have been with us for years. We get that. So, we really want your feedback on if this new style works for you and get some critique on what works and what doesn't work. We have some real reasons for this shift and so, it likely is going to stick, but we also want it to be something that you love.

What is the first movie that has been chosen for this new format?

We decided to take an adventure all the way back to 1985, and it just happens this movie was released on June 7th to coincide with this episode. We are talking about the kids going on a rich stuff adventure movie that is a beloved picture for many from our generation, The Goonies.

We are going to discuss what this movie meant to us as kids, some of the marketing surrounding it, how we feel it holds up now and lots of other fun trivia bits. It is a real exploration of this beloved kids adventure.

As always, we had a great time recording this show and we really hope you love it. If you do, please helps us out by spreading the word on social media, so other movie fans can find us.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea. Gives you two more time for banter to flow back and forth about a more focused topic as well as space for diversions (which let’s be real — podcasts are all about the diversions). Also makes communicating the topic of each episode much simpler and clearer.

    Still love the Goonies, except for the 80s cultural blind spots of course

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. We had many reasons for the change in format, but we felt that our strengths were better suited for a deep-dive focused on one movie review style show. Yes, we will have diversions and rabbits trails, but those have always been a staple of our little show.


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