The Movie Breakdown Flashback: The Breakdown of Jackie Brown


Unforeseen circumstance came smashing up against The Movie Breakdown this week and we couldn't record a new episode. Instead, we dug deep into the vault and pulled out an episode from way back in March of 2013. We review Quentin Tarantino's 1997 crime caper picture, Jackie Brown. Anyone who has listened for a few years now will know that I love this movie, but that wasn't always the cases.

Both Scott and I believed it to be lesser Tarantino when it turned out to be very different than Pulp Fiction when we watched it in 1997. This episode was our revisit and re-evaluation of what is likely one of his least talked about pictures. 

Speaking of little known. it is very likely that very few of our listeners have ever heard this episode. It has never been on Apple Podcast or Spotify or Stitcher, and it came out very early in the podcast's run where we would have recorded around 10 episodes by this point.

I'll be honest, we've come a far way since this episode, and I like to believe we've improved quite a bit. It could be fun for some long-time listeners to get a taste of what we were like back then and see how we've changed since.

Plus, there wouldn't be any episode if we couldn't post this one, so hopefully, it will satisfy until we come back with a new one next Monday.

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