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Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life and One Incredible Mom


I have known Emily since the fall of 2004. I have been in a relationship with her since 2005. We have been married since 2008. Since we have been rather close for over a decade and half, I like to believe that I know her very well and I have definitely learned a lot about her during our time together.

One thing that I've learned is that she is passionate.

She is passionate about making sure her family is loved and provided for every day.

She is passionate about giving the pets lots of play time and snuggles.

She is passionate about finding new and innovative ways to reach her students and bring actual value to their life.

She is passionate about pushing herself to be the best teacher in both her job and her life outside of it.

She is passionate about the well-being of our environment and wildlife.

She is passionate about pushing me to be a better husband, father, writer, and man.

She is passionate about our kids finding their own passions where they can excel.

She is passionate about embracing and enjoying the outdoors.

She is passionate about making our city better.

She is passionate about whatever projects she takes on, which could be renovating our house, building something from scratch or getting rid of caterpillars.

She is passionate when she talks about something she deeply cares about.

She is passionate finding a problem then solving it.

She is passionate about learning new skills and excelling at them.

She is passionate about deep and meaningful relationships.

She is passionate about me stop being so sloppy when I cook and also finally remembering where the dishes go in the dishwasher.

She is passionate.

It is one of a thousand of reasons why I love her and that she is the perfect wife for me. I can't wait for many more decades of passion and learning even more about what makes her so amazing.

Another thing that I know is that today is her birthday, 

Happy Birthday Emily! I love you so deeply. Thank you for being such an amazing wife and an incredible mom to our kids. We feel your passion every day, and we appreciate all that you do for this family and community.