The Breakdown of Superman: The Movie

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a podcast. That's right, it is The Movie Breakdown and we're reviewing the first big budget superhero event picture in Superman: The Movie from 1978. While it may be decades before MCU really made superhero movies the biggest event at the theatres, this movie was definitely one of the most influential of all-time and along with Star Wars, shaped the type of movies studios would greenlight through the 1980s and beyond.

This week, we deep-dive into this major picture looking at its impact and seeing what earned it such an enduring legacy. We analyze things like the importance of Christopher Reeves as the title character, what Margot Kidder did for Lois Lane, how this movie changed how mainstream perceived comic books, how it launched the idea of the origin story and so much more as we go over 100 minutes discussing this iconic movie.

As always, we had a great time recording this podcast and we really hope you love it too. If you do, please help us out by spreading the word to other movie fans.

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