The Breakdown Builds a Horror Franchise

Halloween is right around corner, so we're dedicating this episode to horror movies. More specifically, horror franchises. Even more specific, we're creating our own ultimate horror movie franchises. 

How are we doing this?

We are both trying to create our own ten movie horror franchise. We are creating them from choosing one movie from various horror franchises. We can only pick one movie from a specific franchise, and the choice needs to be in the same chronology of its franchise with our franchise. So, for example, our number five movie must be the fifth from a franchise.

Yes, it is complicated. It gets more complicated when you realize many horror franchises are littered with reboots and remakes and spin-offs. We tried our best to play the game within the laid out rules.

It was a fun show even if the rules meant some of the movie mentioned may not be even close to our favourite horror movies ever. It allows us to spotlight a whole slew of different kind of horror movies.

As always, we had a blast recording the episode, and if you have a blast listening to it then please help us out by sharing us on social media, so other movie fans can find us.

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