The Breakdown of Our Childhood Movie Trauma


Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers and listeners.

Nothing says a Canadian Thanksgiving more than emotional scarring. That is why this week we're both listing ten movie moments that haunted and traumatized us as kids. These are not necessarily horror movies but actually, most of them were billed as children and family movies but had that scene that caused us many sleepless nights and running out of our room nightmares.

We were both 1980s kids, so there were countless movies that did that to us, because that is just how we rolled back then. You weren't entertaining kids unless you were also causing years of therapy and counselling bills.

As always, it was a great time talking movies and we really hope you enjoy listening to some of those traumatic movie moments. If you do love the episode, then please help us out by spreading the word on social media, so other movie fans can discover us.

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