I'm Feeling Like One, So Here is The Cranberries' 'Zombie'

No idea why, but I wasn't a Cranberries fan when they were big in the mid 1990s. I think it may have been a 'too cool for school' issue where since they were big and popular, then I couldn't be down with them, even thought that didn't stop me from liking Stone Temple Pilots or Pearl Jam. 

Anyway, it took a few decades but I think the Cranberries are kind of great and 'Zombie' is not only one of the catchier songs of the 1990s, but it had a message that is worth hearing. It was a protest against an IRA bombing and specifically mentioned two young boys who were murdered in the bomb attack in Warrington. 

I think, even if the IRA is not a prominent terrorist group in modern times, the message still holds true about the cost of attacks and war and conflict. Plus, it is just a powerful song with the amazing vocals by Dolores O'Riordan and music that elevates the lyrics. I dig the song now and I dig the band. 

Even if this song isn't about actual zombies, I feel like one. I think the combination of trying to write a 50k novel in a month, pursue some side projects, pitching major articles to outlets, do my marketing writing day job, be a decent dad and husband, and various other things has burnt me out. I feel a bit under the weather. 

Since I hit my Nano word goal for the day, I'm going to sleep for the rest of the night. You can enjoy this song that took me far too long to appreciate.