It's Been Awhile But I Still Like This Song

Happy Father's Day! The day father's everywhere do a bunch of stuff planned out by their kids.

Luckily, I love my kids, but it means there is no chance I am writing anything substantial on here.

But the big question, what is that song that I still like but I haven't heard in awhile?

Why that song is Staind's 'It's Been Awhile', which was one of the few bands and songs during the nu-metal craze of the early to mid-2000s that I enjoyed. I've always had a soft spot for power ballads, and I feel this applies or at least, as a 2000 version of one. I think, Staind and especially this song is a bit of a punchline now, and one podcast I love actually has a running gag where they sort of sing the line 'It's been awhile' any time someone uses that line in a sentence. But I still dig the song, and I think it works. Since I am a dad, it is my day, so I am going to post it.

If you haven't heard it in awhile, then check it out and if you like a good power ballad from the 2000s, then you might dig it like I do.