The Breakdown of The Most Underrated Movies of 2021

Can you believe that 2021 is about to pack its bags and be replaced by a new year? It has been an interesting one, a year that has been full of movies even if the theatres haven't been. We want to look back at the last twelve months with our three-part year in review series.

We kick it off with the show that just started last year, but we're already huge fans of it. Scott Martin and Christopher Spicer both make a list of ten movies that we feel were either underrated, underappreciated or underseen. These are the movies that are better than their Rotten Tomatoes score or deserved way more people to support it at the movie theatres or just ended up being a complete unknown,

We had a blast recording this episode, and it is a great one for discovering some hidden gems. If you love the show, then the best Christmas gift you can give us is share it on social media so other movie fans can find us.

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Christopher Spicer:

1. Moxie
2. Wrath of Man
3. Vacation Friends
4. The Last Duel
5. Antlers
6. Stillwater
7. Together Together
8. Copshop
9. Night Raiders
10. Ride the Eagle

Scott Martin:

1. Till Death
2. Wrath of Man
3. Werewolves Within
4. Vacation Friends
5. Slumber Party Massacre
6. Willy's Wonderland
7. Golden Arm
8. Copshop
9. The Forgotten Battle
10. I Blame Society