Welcome to 2022! Here is How the Spicers Rocked the 2021 Christmas Season

Happy New Year!

Beyond the Balcony is entering into a new era where there will be more than one writer (Welcome Scott Martin!) and the focus leans more towards movies and pop culture rather than personal anecdotes. But I also realize that some of my readers have been sticking around here for years, and so, they are used to some posts where I pull back the curtain to share my life. Since it is tradition, I wanted to share a pictorial tale of what December has been for the Spicer Clan.

The first big thing of the holiday season happened right at the beginning of December where my superstar daughter, Danika made her big stage debut with the Jitterbug production of Wild Things. During the pandemic, Danika put on many performances for us after dinner, and so, this was her chance to showcase her talents for a larger audience. It also was just really important for her to get back out doing activities and being with other kids again that share her interests. Danika did such a great job that Everett begged us to enroll him in a musical theatre class.

The Spicers like to perform. Or at least, have an audience. I wouldn't have been running this site for over a decade and co-hosting a podcast since 2013 if I didn't like a little bit of attention. But Danika got to be a performer twice in one week as she joined Everett and Emily in playing their cellos at a Christmas concert. Yes, this portion of post is all about bragging about the awesomeness of my family.

After two great performances, it was time for rewards. What is more rewarding than celebrating Christmas three times, thus being able to open up presents three different times. Or in the case of Everett, who was born on Boxing Day, landing the sweet deal this year of four straight present opening days.

The above picture is the end to the saga of trying to track down a Magic: The Gathering starter kit that I've spent the last several months trying to find and being told that they are impossible to get right now. Grandpa used his dark magic to find the cards, thus turning Everett into a very surprised and happy boy.

And now dear reader, we enter the Everett's birthday phase of this tale. I cannot quite fathom that my son has now entered the double digits. Yes, my dear readers, he is now 10. I realize this has now made many of you feel very old. Rest assured; you are not the only one.

We cap off this pictorial tale with the main event. It is the bi-annual event where I brag about Emily's incredible cake making skills. It has become tradition that Emily makes elaborate cakes depicting one of the kid's favourite things for their birthday. It is always made with such deep love as she uses her talents and time to create something that is always amazing. This year it was all about Pokémon and I want to point out, she created Everett's favourite Pokémon, Charizard, from fondant, but it is so amazing that I would understand if believed she just put a toy on top.

It was a great Christmas season, and it was nice having a bit of the Holiday Hectics again. I hope everyone had an equally wonderful Christmas. I look forward to another year here on the site, and I wish everyone an amazing 2022!