Studio 666: Sight Unseen, An Ignorant Plot Synopsis

 DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the film.  This synopsis is merely my best guess, based off of the trailers and my flabbergasted intellect.  Also, it has been decreed that any whimsical typos or auto-corrects will remain.

Sitting around a table that is conspicuously lacking bear claws and other doughnutty morsels, a little known rock and rolling group called The Foo Fighters (not sure what that means or whether they will actually make it as a band with that name) get a talking down to by super rock and roll agent, Jeff Garlic. He wants them to make a tenth studio album.  "Get me my album," he screams.  He is of short temper because he is hungry, on account of there being no bear claws or other doughnutty morsels.

Ever the person with long and effortless hair, Dave Growl is all like, "Let's do this!"  So they decide to go to a mansion to let's do this and get some music magic happening.  The mansion is rather a nice sight, but once Dave plays a game of 'I Clap, You Clap' with the house, it turns out that mansion demons enjoy this game and participate.  The band thinks this is super cool.

Like a menacing fog rolling over the foothills, the band starts to get writers block.  After nine albums and an odd name, things aren't the best for the band.  They have Garlic to impress, and those mansion demons don't abide by poor chord progressions.  While Growl is sleeping, the demons surround his bed.  He wakes up and is about to say something before being rudely interrupted and told that his music sucks, his hair sucks, and if he really is dedicated to BBQ he should 'whole hog' a human.

The band should have seen this coming.  A neighbour, while dropping off lemon squares, tells them that the house is a conduit for evil.  Obviously she doesn't know that they are a rock and roll band, which means they are obviously evil and making the devil's music.

While trying to install an echo-friendly water pump, a few of the band members find The Necronomicon.  This is an evil book that was written before Gutenburg did his thing, so it's the only copy.  Well, there was a second edition that saw limited publication, but a rights issue caused a whole scene when the dark lord of rock and roll sent a cease and desist thingery to Penguin Publishing, causing a legal battle that is still waging to this very day.

Meanwhile, Dave remembers that a kid on the playground told him once that some kid from Rooker Cresent had matches in his pocket and his head exploded.  No more matches in my pocket, thinks Growl, who uses them one last time to light up the BBQ.  

Darned it, he thinks.  I shan't have purchased any meat. Then he recalls the bedside demon talk about human grilling, so he murders one of his rock squad and cracks on with with the cooking, sipping a stout.  All grill and no play makes Dave a dull boy.

The band is all like, 'where's Taylor?'  After they finish a meal of slow roasted Taylor, they figure that enough is enough.  They put down a totally kickin' drum track, so now why not use The Necronomicon to do something to Dave Growl.

They make an improvised kiddy pool in the cellar, obviously using water pumped in by their new, echo-friendly hydration solution.  Dave has always been afraid of water since he once BBQ'd his bandmate Taylor and didn't have a water spritz bottle to calm the flames.  It was tragic, and has stuck with him to this day.  That shoulder was just too dry.  It had a quality smoke ring, but dry, dry, dry.

Forcing The Dave into the water, the band members try out some incantations from The Necronomicon.  Splashing playfully, Dave asks them to stop.  They keep going, and all of a sudden some sort of house mansion demon flys out of him.  The band is back together.  Partially.  Taylor got done ate.