The Breakdown of 'Scream' (2022) and ''Home Team'


This week we finally return to the movie theatres with a review for the fifth movie in a beloved horror series in Scream. Why not Scream 5? Because numbers are for suckers in 2022 It is all about having the same name as the original movie. You know what else is hip in 2022? Football. We have an underdog team led by a disgraced coach family movie in the Kevin James starring Home Team.

We also talk about why Moonfall did not come to Canada and what that says about the modern theatrical movie. As well, we look at if streaming services really are good for lesser known directors and if it is possible to have a break-out hit in the modern environment. 

We have a load of movie talk, and it was a blast recording the episode. If you love it, then please spread the word so other movie fans can find us.

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Question of the Week: Who is your favourite romantic movie couple?

Movie Ratings:

Scream *** (CS & SM)
Home Team ** (SM) & *½ (CS)