The Breakdown of Nicolas Cage - 'Raising Arizona', 'Leaving Las Vegas', 'Face/Off', 'Knowing' and 'Willy's Wonderland'

We love Nicolas Cage here on Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown. We mean 100% legitimate love him with no irony attached. He has had a fantastic film career with some of the best movies. Even when his movies haven't been good, Cage has thrown himself entirely into the role and made it at least interesting.

We wanted to celebrate the Cage, and we did it by reviewing five of his movies. It is a really diverse slate showing how varied a career he has had. We look at one of his first big movie roles in the Coen brothers' quirky kidnapping comedy, Raising Arizona. We look at the movie that earned Cage an Oscar in the gritty drama, Leaving Las Vegas. Then it is something entirely different in John Woo's over-the-top actioner with over-the-top performances as John Travolta battles Nicolas Cage in Face/Off. We go near the end of Cage's big studio career (with fingers crossed looks to be returning) with the supernatural ominous thriller, Knowing. We cap it off when one of his 2021 pictures in the bonkers Willy's Wonderland.

We have tons of recommendations for you, and it is a great showcase of Cage's talents. We had a blast recording the show, and if you enjoy it, please help us out by spreading the word on social media.

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Question of the Week: What movie would you like to see copied (not remade) into an 'original' movie?

Movie Ratings:

Raising Arizona **** (SM & CS) 
Leaving Las Vegas **** (CS & SM)
Face/Off ***½ (SM) & **** (CS) 
Knowing *** (CS) & ** (SM)
Willy's Wonderland *** (SM & CS)