Sight Unseen: An Ignorant Plot Synopsis of Memory

 DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the film.  This synopsis is merely my best guess, based off of the trailer and my flabbergasted intellect. 

Jacob loves to run in the rain.  There is just something so soothing about it.  However, he has a complicated and lazy history with water.  To him, it seems like a good idea, but in practice water only serves to soak your tennis shoes.  Because of his complicated and lazy history with water, when he jogs in the rain he does so indoors in front of a window so he can watch the rain fall down outside. Unfortunately for Jacob, hitmen have a much simpler relationship with H2O, and one uses the cover of rain to walk up to the window and shoot Jacob in his stupid face.

That hitman is none other than Alex Lewis.  Internationally known as The Jacob Killer, Lewis does his hitman work with a gun.  He always uses a silencer, because tinnitus is no joke. Unfortunately for Lewis, he is having some memory problems and is taking some Nurpin.  He isn't aware that they won't actually assist him, but they are little, yellow, different, and thus seem like the best course of action.

Speaking to a lady on the phone, she tells him that it is a ten million dollar retainer for people to acquire his services, because of course why would he not know that?  Thankful for expository dialogue, Lewis continues his job until he is sent to kill a girl child.  This is a line he cannot cross, making Alex 'The Jacob Killer' Lewis the first badass in movie history to not complete a job because he has a rule of not killing women or children.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to find Lewis, because, well you know, that's just part of the job.  They know that he is killing people, and that his memory is fading.  They interviewed a desk jockey at a hotel who reminisced about how Lewis fogged out on remembering his room number.  This is all of the evidence they need, and they move against Lewis.

However, The Jacob Killer is now going all vigilante and downright murder fighting against some very bad people.  This makes him the first badass in movie history to get a conscience and start killing the bad people he used to be aligned with.

Vincent Serra is one of them law enforcers that needs to catch Lewis.  They meet up and Vincent requests that they have a talk, but Lewis don't have time to talk.  While he's explaining that he has no time for some jibber jabber, the back and forth turns into an actual talk.  Point goes to Vincent, even though they only talk about things that are neither here nor there.  

Now it is a race against time to kill a bunch of people on a boat party.  Alex, although he thinks he is helping the police, is actually hampering an international investigation on criminal boat parties in international water.  Sure, he wants to help, but a lot of effort went into this sh*t.

Finally Lewis gets so perturbed that he makes a mistake and gets arrested.  Once again, point goes to Vincent.  Suddenly this marks the conclusion to this once in a lifetime premise, and Vincent plans his own boat party to celebrate.  While on assignment, he had taken extensive notes and knows the exact kind of nautical party that will kick things into high gear.