The Breakdown of 'All the Old Knives', 'Choose or Die' and ' Metal Lords'

We had to do a pivot this week as the previously hyped Fantastic Beast: The Secret of Dumbledore could not be reviewed this week on account neither of us had seen it for various reasons that were out of our control. But what happens when you can't review a big sweeping fantasy adventure? Well, obviously you order some Pine.

Chris Pine.

Because he is starring along with Thandie Newton in a thriller about CIA agents that can't trust each other but will have dinner together in All the Old Knives. Do you want more chills than thrills? We also review a new horror movie with this one being about a 1980s video game that is killing people in Choose or Die. We cap off the reviews with a discussion on a coming-of-age high school comedy soaked in heavy metal with Metal Lords.

That is not at all. There was big news of the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery declaring that the DC movies need an overhaul. and we give our opinion on the plans and how effective we believe they can be implemented. We also discuss if DC movies needed saving. This also leads to our thoughts on modern big studio mentality. We also look at Jim Carrey' career and the impact he had on movie comedies.

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Question of the Week: Who is the filmmaker or star that you will watch any movie that they are in no matter the genre or subject?

Movie Ratings:

Choose or Die ½* (SM) & *½ (CS) 
All the Old Knives ** (CS) & *** (SM)
Metal Lords *** (SM & CS)