A Few Weeks Old But Just as Proud: My Kids' Continued Embracing of the Arts


A few weeks ago, I used this site to declare how proud that I was with both Everett and Danika performing cello at the Brant Music Festival. While both ended up with first place ribbons in their categories, I was most impressed with them just putting in the hard work and having the bravery to showcase their talents for an audience and the adjudicator. 

I am thrilled that both my kids have embraced the arts. Both kids have taken musical theatre classes and performed before an audience. They have also performed in a concert and competed in a festival with their cello. Everett is currently getting ready to audition for a role in Oliver! that is set to have eleven performances in the fall. 

On top of that, Danika absolutely loves creating crafts and making various things in clay or construction paper or beads or really anything that inspires her in the moment. Everett has taken up drawing (and I may be biased but he is really good) and as I've proudly revealed in the past, he has also become a writer where he has taken part in the writing a novel in the month of November challenge with me for the past three years. As well, every single day, both my kids are transported into magical worlds with their active imaginations, and often remind me of my childhood.

My heart soars that the arts, creation, and imagination matter to my kids. The arts are a major part in their life with their cello, acting, singing, and creating. This makes me proud, because the arts matter. They are the heart and soul of a society. The great societies through history were defined by how they interacted and valued arts and creativity. It is a major way with dealing and understanding our world.

The big victory is just the fact my kids are taking chances and willing to do things in front of an audience. We did end up getting a pleasant surprise. The first-place ribbon was a great achievement, but a few days after the festival, Everett was notified that he would be receiving a trophy at the festival awards ceremony.

The trophy is The Little String Orchestra 40th Anniversary Trophy, which is awarded to 'A Promising String Student Under 10 Years.' Everett has been playing cello since September, and not only have I been amazed by his progress, but so has his teacher. She would have a little less bias than me.

He was ecstatic about the award. It has boosted his confidence, and I think, it may have been part of the motivation for him to pursue things like the Oliver! audition, since he now believes in his own success. He has learned what hard work has done for him in cello, and now he has put the same daily effort into memorizing and singing a few songs for the musical. No matter the result, I am impressed and proud of how much effort and passion he puts into these artistic endeavours. 

The trophy will now sit in our house for the next year, and permanently has Everett's name engraved on it. It is a great sign of what happens when one believes in themselves and is willing to pursue excellence in their passions. It has also helped motivate Danika, who now has her eyes on keeping that trophy in the household. Both kids are now pushing each other to get better at various arts from music to acting to drawing, as they see what the other achieves.

The motivation isn't just for my kids. The trophy is a sign of someone who had never even picked up cello at the start of September and is being recognized for his skill in May. I don't think it was something anyone in this family expected. It is proof in the value of thinking positively and using that energy to strive to be better. Everett practices every day without ever being asked, and he has a mentality of always hitting the next goal.

As a writer carrying a duffel bag of ambitious dreams, it is a reminder to never toss them away. To keep chugging along on this journey to make goals and dreams a reality. There were days that Everett screamed that he hated cello and didn't want to do it anymore. There were days when a piece just wouldn't work and he felt it was hopeless. But the little victory has been a boost to his confidence, and he is now pursuing several other goals that he may have avoided a few months ago.

Yes, it is just a little trophy from our city's local music festival. But it can symbolize a lot more than that, and due to his hard work, it means a lot more to Everett. It is proof for all of us that our dreams are worthwhile, and we need to keep working towards them. We will achieve them.

For now, I am extremely proud of Everett. I am also really proud of Danika who congratulated her brother on his achievement, and has also been working really hard. I am especially proud that both my kids continue to make the arts a major part of their life and strive to excel at them with their special skills and talents.