Misleading Movie Descriptions: Scott's Subpar Attempt

 Look, Chris is the master of these.  Taking a movie concept, and describing it in a way that is both deceiving as well as accurate is the name of the game, and he is the king of the hill with this.  After not knowing what to write about today, I thought I would make my own attempt.  I don't believe they come close to what he does, but it was a hoot giving it a shot all the same.

Unforgiven: A frustrated pig farmer begins drinking in excess and threatens to kill an entire town.

Jaws: After a bummer of a 4th of July weekend, three men decide to head out fishing in hopes of catching a big one.

Mad Max: Fury Road: After a car crash, a man ends up taking a road trip into the desert with strangers only to find out that his actions have broken up another man's family.

 The Blair Witch Project: A film student decides to try and track down an old woman living deep in the woods who does everything she can to keep from being filmed.

The Night of the Living Dead: Unexpected guests arrive at a farm house, making themselves at home and giving no indication of when they will leave, pretty much any homeowner's nightmare come to life.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: An archeologist who makes a living off of stealing relics from cultures around the world decides to disrupt a government dig site because he can't stand the thought of them getting a treasure that he wants.

Scream: When a teenage girl's boyfriend confesses to doing some bad things, she decides that he and his friend no longer deserve to live, becoming a vengeful judge, jury and executioner during a house party.

Terminator: After stealing the pants off of a homeless person, a man tries to convince a waitress that her life is in danger and takes her to a motel where the two get intimate.

My Cousin Vinny: A court hears about the cook time of grits to try and solve a murder.

Psycho: A criminal on the run takes her stolen goods to a motel where the shy owner feeds her and treats her well.  Thankfully, his mother knows that this woman is no good, and does what is needed to keep her son from getting too close to the felon.

Dazed and Confused: A group of graduating high school students drive around with weapons, searching for victims who they can throttle.

Rambo III: A tortured war veteran who gets livid and tries to blow up a Russian's house ends up killing a bunch of employees at the property.

Predator: A hunting trip in Central America turns sour when a group of soldiers shows up and do everything within their power to murder the hunter, who has to rely on camouflage to try and survive.

Reservoir Dogs: A man's well rehearsed lie about previous employment ends up causing a group of coworkers a lot of stress, and tempers erupt.

Secret of NIMH: A mother with an extremely sick child turns to a talking owl for guidance.

Pretty Woman: A lawyer realizes his best client has started spending time with a person of ill repute, and loses his job when he tries to intervene.