Chris Was Right (About 'The Princess')

On the most recent episode of The Movie Breakdown, Christopher and I didn't see eye to eye on The Princess, a medieval action film starring Joey King.  There was the smallest of differences in our rating of the film, with Chris giving it three stars, and myself only tossing two and a half in its direction.  We both consider a movie with three stars or above to be a film that we would recommend.  Thus, I didn't feel this to be up to the quality of a recommendation.

Issues that I had with the film were that there were perhaps too many fight sequences and that they started to blur together.  None of my criticisms were massive, but I just didn't see it as a full movie experience that was worth telling others about.  Christopher's appreciation for it was not without criticism, but that wasn't enough for him to give it a failing grade.

Well, wouldn't you know that less than twelve hours after completing the podcast I had already watched it a second time.  Before the year is finished, I will most likely have seen it at least a third time.  Chris was right in what he said, this is just a fun movie and it is worth seeing.  If you are an action fan, there is a lot to appreciate in The Princess.

There are some really well directed sequences, and though they aren't necessarily to the level of some of the best combat movies out there, they are entertaining.  On my second viewing I had a much better appreciation for each sequence and I no longer stand by my opinion that they start to blur together.  There are enough differences that they can remain fresh.

The biggest positive of the film is the performance of Joey King.  She harnesses the power of John McClane and delivers a feisty character who just doesn't quit.  I never would have have imagined King being in an action flick, but she brings an energy and intensity that really carries the movie.  I have tried to champion her for a while, and a lot of recent films have left me wondering why I ever did.  The Princess is vindication that there really was a star to watch with Joey King.

Sometimes it isn't the 'best' movies that stay with you and get numerous viewings.  I'll not ever consider putting this on my best of the year list, as it isn't that kind of movie.  This isn't the Beef Wellington.  This movie is poutine, something that is easy to indulge in and makes the soul feel good.  Chris got this one right, and I don't mind saying that I was wrong.