Dance or Walk to Young Christopher's Favourite 1980s Song

I was aware of Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, but there was one song that ruled on top as my favourite in the mid 1980s. Nothing could compare to The Bangle's 'Walk Like an Egyptian.' I didn't own any albums of my own at that age since I was in Grade 3 and my spending power was limited. But I sure danced in my car seat when it was playing on the radio, and if it was on TV, I showed off my moves. 
Why did I love it so much? 
Well, it is ear candy. It is a catchy song, and who doesn't love a good gong thrown in the middle? Plus, I was learning about ancient Egyptians at school, and it was a captivating culture. I was becoming a bit of a little history buff, so just hearing Egyptians in a song caught my attention. It being played on Alvin & the Chipmunks solidified its top spot.

The spot did not last forever as I got older. As I got more into music, the song sank in my personal favourites ranking. But it being a childhood favourite means it still holds a sweet spot for me, and I smile every time I hear it.

Hopefully, it will be a pick me up for you too.