Sight Unseen: An Ignorant Plot Synopsis of Beast

 DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the film.  This synopsis is merely my best guess, based off of the trailer and my flabbergasted intellect.

 Dr. Nate Samuels is feeling the pressures of being a Dr. Nate, and all sorts of excuses have made him a father that doesn't pay attention to his children.  He tries buying them lawn darts to win them over, but they find these boring and start throwing them at the neighbour's cat.  Nate says, "Hey, trying to kill cats is natural.  But have you ever wanted to hunt an Anger Cat?"

They don't know much about Anger Cats, so Nate flies his whole family to hang out with Martin, a man who knows all about the lives of African Anger Cats (which are both bigger and testier than its American cousins).  "Off to safari, bruh!" Martin shouts and chugs a Pabst.

The family head out into the wilderness in a Jeep or whatever, and all they want to do is find an Anger Cat and bleed it dry.  The kids have been itching for a blood letting of this size, and can't contain their excitement.  There's equal parts kicking the backs of the front seats and equal parts "I'll turn this Jeep or whatever around, I jest you not."

Eventually they come across some dude who is the latest victim of an Anger Cat.  They decide to leave him to slowly die in the sun, his decaying skin and organs potpourri'ing the air with the hopes of enticing the big ol' predator out into the open where they could totally murder that jerk.  The kids in the Jeep or whatever are getting super pumped and are talking about all the different ways they are going to disrespect the corpse.

Problem is that stuff goes all upside down, and the Anger Cat gets the drop on the family.  Nate needs to run away because trophy hunters like him are cowards and only want to engage the animal when they have a clear advantage.  Getting to the car, he tells his family that this cat is more anger than he has ever seen and that it's time they go back home. 

Unfortunately, the Anger Cat attacks the Jeep or whatever, bringing with it some seriously loud and sassy audio special effects.  Nate and Martin get flustered by both cat and audio and decide to drive the Jeep or whatever into some busheries and off the side of a steep hill.  They're trapped now, and so it comes down to the whits and bloodlust of Nate and his family to survive.

Some sort of poaching folk show up, and this ramps up an otherwise boring story.  Now there is more danger than just an Anger Cat, which is a good idea because just how entertaining can a big feline with sassy audio effects be for an hour and thirty three minutes?

Eventually Nate does something, his family is saved, and the Anger Cat is killed.  Martin doesn't make it, but that's not a shock.  The kids jump on the animal carcass and stab at it with the utility knives that have been given them as their Junior Hunter's Kit.  This is living, and the kids can't wait to return to the land of their kill and ruin nature and sh*t all over the local fauna.