A Birthday Ode to My Love, Emily

Oh Emily, Oh Emily, a wonderful wife and mom,
Who patiently deals with her daughter pinching her bum.
Don't forget the son who seeks to poke her last nerve,
Or her husband who could get lost just following a curve.

For all that she must so often accept and endure,
There is a thing that must be known oh-so-definitely for sure.
The husband, the son and the daughter have for her a deep love.
Because she does everything to make sure this family fits like a glove.

She spends hours and hours spreading love through hard work,
Fills her nights training young musicians without going berserk.
Then has energy to pour her heart crafting costumes and cakes,
Somehow still finding time to take them paddling on big lakes.

Her version of 'I love you' comes to her family from her endless devotion,
All this beautiful magic some how comes without a single drop of potion.
With her around, the family knows their love and blessings will remain,
Because you can't ever halt her because she is one very unstoppable train. 
Oh Emily, Oh Emily, to her family such a precious gift,
On this day they so want your spirit to soar and uplift.
For now, they only have one last important thing to say,
They wish you the most awesome mom and wife a Happy Birthday! 

So now, it is probably the best time,
To completely drop doing the rhyme.

I love you Emily, and I am so grateful for everything you have done for this family. I can't wait to create so many more memories with you.