Review: Measure of Revenge

As good as 2022 has been for films, there have also been a handful of movies that are shockingly bad.  I have seen a total of nineteen films so far that have earned one and a half stars or less.  Marmaduke is the only movie so far to get a zero star rating, but there have been a few films knocking on the door of the big farting dog to be in contention for worst film of the year.  One of those valiant competitors is Measure of Revenge, a movie of dismal quality that can leave a person questioning life itself.

Starring Melissa Leo, who is undeterred by the horrible script and is giving it her all (and the only reason why the movie doesn't get zero stars), it is about a mother who decides that revenge must be measured after her son is done murdered.  He and his girlfriend die of a drug overdose, but Leo's character, Lillian, is sure that foul play is afoot.  Because of this, revenge shall be measured.

Her son, Curtis (Jake Weary) is a brilliant musician who just got out of jail or rehab or whatever for drug reasons.  There is some tension between him and his band, and when he dies the record label looks to profit from the tragedy.  Lots of bad stuff is happening here, kids.  A killer is out there, and has no clue that a measure of revenge will fall on him.

The script is beyond what could be described as a grease fire of a mess, and the editing of the movie just douses it with water.  The flow of the film is incomprehensible, and attempts at adding elements of surrealism by director Peyfa only adds more confusion.

Who is Peyfa?  Good question, I say, and one that the internet cannot solve.  What appears to have happened is that the director used an alias so they can't be connected with this project.  Not only that, but there are no writing credits shown at either the beginning or end of the film.  When key players don't want to be associated with a film it cannot mean anything good, and I can't recall ever seeing a situation like this.  Even Fred Durst was okay with attaching his name to The Fanatic.

Thankfully, there are a few unintentionally funny moments, but not near enough to encourage fans of bad movies to watch it.  What lays here is just nothing that anyone should watch.  Thankfully, we have Leo putting effort into her horribly written character, and Bella Thorne also doing what she can.  Neither can save this film.  Don't watch it.  Please, measure your respect and dignity and stay clear of this train wreck, one of the lowest quality movies I have seen lately, and I have seen a lot of Bruce Willis films.  That should say something.

Rating - 0.5 stars out of 4