The Breakdown of 'The Woman King', 'Do Revenge', 'Thirteen Lives', 'End of the Road' and 'Look Both Ways'

Have you ever wished that The Movie Breakdown felt like it was on location of a construction site? If you've had that odd request for the podcast, then this is the episode for you. As I must apologize that my year-long renovations of our downstairs have crept into the show, as one can hear work being done throughout.

Despite that background noise, we have five big movies reviews for you. We have the historical epic set in Africa starring Viola Davis in The Woman King. We have a high school dramedy in Do Revenge. Another dramedy about two different paths a budding animator's life could go in Look Both Ways. Are you hankering for our thoughts a Queen Latifah thriller? Then we have an End of the Road review. We cap it off with a review for the Ron Howard directed based on true events drama, Thirteen Lives.

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Movie Star Ratings:

Do Revenge ***½ (SM) & *** (CS)
The Woman King ***½ (CS)
End of the Road * (SM) & ** (CS)
Look Both Ways ** (CS & SM)
Thirteen Lives ***½(CS)