Shining a Light on a Rising star


Occasionally, I like to revert this little movie/pop culture site that I'm trying to grow back into my own personal blog. Considering my most viewed articles often are my personal pieces, it seems to be an effective strategy. Today, I am meshing the personal with the promotion.

As some of you may know, my kids have been taking musical theatre classes at Theatre Ancaster for the last year. They both absolutely love it, and they are naturals on the big stage in front of an audience. This fall Everett got accepted into Junior Broadway where they spend several months preparing and practicing to put on a professional level production.

This season they will be putting on a performance of Newsies Jr. We are really proud of the work he had put into it, and he landed the role of Albert who is one of the ensemble Newsie roles.

To show his drive and ambition, he has already started asking his instructors how he can improve and next time land a lead role. The kid's drive and determination when it comes to things that he cares about is something that always impresses me.

If you live in the Southern Ontario region or plan to be there in January, then maybe you want to buy some tickets to watch my son and all the other hard-working performers shine on the stage. If you do, then you can purchase tickets here.

Theatre Ancaster is a marvelous organization. They put on several other shows as well, so you can check out the site to see if there are other ones that you'd be interested in supporting. There are also many programs and classes to check out, so if you do live in the area and love to support the arts then please check out the site for more information.

As I've said many times on here, the arts matter and are a crucial part of defining and shaping a society. So, if you don't do anything with Theatre Ancaster, then please consider supporting your local company and seek out all the other amazing artists in your area. They deserve our patronage, and they have so many incredible works and masterpieces for us to enjoy.