The Breakdown of 'Black Adam', 'The School of Good & Evil', 'The Stranger' and 'The Redeem Team'

October isn't really known for big comic book inspired tentpoles, but that is exactly what we're getting with Black Adam. This week Scott and I discuss the picture, and look at the future of the DCEU. From there we delve into a fantasy adventure directed by Paul Feig in The School of Good & Evil. We also have a slow-building and chilling thriller based on true event in the Joel Edgerton starring The Stranger. We cap off the show with an in-depth documentary about the 2008 US Olympic men's basketball team in The Redeem Team.

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Question of the Week: What is the scary scene from a movie that haunted you for decades?

Movie Star Ratings:

Black Adam **½ (CS) & ** (SM) 
The School of Good & Evil ** (SM) & **½ (CS)
The Stranger **½ (CS) & *** (SM) 
The Redeem Teams ***½ (SM & CS)