Chances for a Review Today are Dead Like Superman

Despite being a Canadian, the site and podcast has a much larger audience in the neighbours to the south. I am not sure how well-known the good Canadian boys Our Lady Peace are to most of my readers. I do know some of their songs made it on movie soundtracks for big hits like Scream, but indy bands on soundtracks was a big thing in the 1990s, so that doesn't speak to their popularity outside of them being known by the person putting together the music.

I am pretty sure that they are more well-known than one of my all-time favourite 1990s rock acts in I Mother Earth. Of course, if you are much younger than myself (which is very possible) then all this region talk is pointless. You probably don't know them on account their hottest period was the 1990s. Though, Friends is a popular series again among the millennials, so maybe that is a wrong assumption.

Anyway, all this music talk is due to the fact that I won't be writing the movie review for The Menu today on account my hours are gobbled up by client work, novel writing, and being a dad.

Instead, enjoy a hit song from Our Lady Peace's biggest album Clumsy, because it is catchy and reminds me of a time that I had too much time on my hands. My teen years. 

'Superman's Dead' was a huge song in Canada at the time, where it got played throughout the day on rock stations and was a recurring video on Much Music. I am curious how successful it was in the States.