Halloween Never Dies!: The Late Pictorial Exploration of the Spicer Halloween


Halloween may be done, but the spirit lives on. Or at least the giant bags of candy with its promise of sugar-fueled bedtimes still haunts many parents. It was once of the biggest days of the year here at the House of Spicer, as the kids started asking 'Is it Halloween yet?' since the end of August.

This year was also a great juxtaposition of my two children. Both kids had decided on their costumes by the end of August. They were both going Star Wars with Everett going as a Stormtrooper and Danika as Rey. But the difference weas quickly revealed as Everett stuck with his choice while Danika changed her mind on a weekly basis depending on what she recently watched or how the mood moved her.

She had told me that she definitely wanted to be a Sanderson Sister (from Hocus Pocus), Belle from Beauty and the Beast, an astronaut, a ninja, and Moana. By the time the day actually arrived, she opted for Violet from The Incredibles, which luckily, she never went as before on Halloween but we did have a costume. There is an advantage of our kids love playing dress-up year-round, which means we have a bunch of costumes that have never been used for Trick or Treating.

Speaking of Trick or Treating, I had a huge reminder that my kids are growing up on me. I was informed by Everett that he wanted to go with his friends this year rather than with the family. Ouch. I was not ready to come to terms with not being the cool dad yet, but he is ten-years old, so it was coming any day now.

I definitely missed this being the first year where I didn't go along with Everett, but at least, Danika still wanted to go house to house with me. I am not sure how I will cope with both going out with their friends. Do you think dogs would like to go Trick or Treating?

Due to the kids not going together, we don't have a photo of just the two of them together in their costumes. But it was still another great evening for both.

How was your Halloween? Did your kids stick with their original costume request? What did everyone go as?


  1. David6:01 pm

    Both of our kids went trick or treating with friends this year. It was always cute watching them navigate the door to door adventure but I was also very ready and excited for them to finally graduate from me tagging along. They had a blast!


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