The Breakdown of Enemy Mine

It is a kick-off to a return to a previous format as we dive deep into a single movie. It may not be one of the biggest or most popular movies, but this cult hit was a childhood favourite for both Scott and me. Enemy Mime was very different than most other 1980s sci-fi movies as this one isn't trying to be like Star Wars or E.T. This is a tale about individuals from warring races that must work together to survive on a harsh planet, and through that they gain each other's respect and friendship. It is a timeless tale, and we're both excited to dig into the vault to relive a movie that has a significant impact on us both.

Does it hold up? How does the special effects age? What are the big moments? What is the movie trying to say? Why did it flop, but now become a cult classic? We explore all those questions on this week's episode.

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Question of the Week: What is your favourite non-Christmas holiday movie?

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