Time for Some 'Thunder' in Your Day

This week has been what we can nicely label 'absolute complete chaos'. This is not including the fact that on top of my usual writing that I'm devoting significant time towards writing at least 50k of a children's fantasy novel. Considering I usually write supernatural horror, it is a slight departure.

All this to say, the site will continue to get the minimal writing treatment today, and I do apologize for that. Instead of a repost, I an going to post 'Thunder' from Imagine Dragons, because they are one of the 'newer' bands that I really like and their songs have a habit of getting stuck in my head.

This song is particularly popular in my house despite it being released five years ago. My kids like singing 'thunder' like it is done in the song at various points in the day. It makes me smile every time.

If you like to listen to music while you work, then this is a pretty delightful song to elevate your day. Actually, Imagine Dragons have a whole collection of songs ready to uplift your work day. Though, considering they are a pretty popular band, you probably didn't need my endorsement.

Anyway, enjoy!