A Very Spicer Merry Christmas to All


It is a little late but a hearty Ho-Ho-Ho and a Merry Christmas from the Spicer family and Beyond the Balcony! 

I deeply wish that your Christmas were as joyous and beautiful as mine, as I got to spend it with my wonderful family. There was a universe full of love, and I hope you were able to feel it as well.

Here is a few of the pictorial highlights of what was our Christmas.

Danika wrote a highly creative and heartfelt card to Santa. She left him some cookies and eggnog, but also left some treats for the reindeers. She didn't know if they would like carrots or bananas, so she left both. She also left a pen and paper; in case he had time to write back (He did). I may have found the magic formula to get her to work on the reading and writing, as she was quite excited about the chance for correspondence.

I love that not only did she write a card to Santa, but she added colourful illustrations. She is even more creative than I was at her age. I also adore that any time she made an error in her writing that she just covered it up with a picture. The epitome of beautiful mistakes.

Danika was so excited to get a sticker book to a movie that she got to share with me at the theatre. The pure joy over simple things is a gift that my kids keep giving me. It is a reminder of how I should live my life every day. 

Frio and Piper get about as excited about new toys as the kids. Though they destroy them even faster

I wish everyone the Merriest Christmas and a very wonderful New Year. I appreciate all the love and support in 2022. It is going be an even more magnificent 2023.

How was your Christmas?