'Barbie' Trailer Review: And Now I'm Excited for a Movie About a Toy I Never Played With. . . Honest

Okay fine. I played Barbie a few times with my cousin, but only if she agreed to play He-Man after.

But I definitely never would have thought there was a day where I was pumped to see a Barbie movie.

Yet here we are.

Honestly, I shouldn't really be surprised that I am excited to see a movie directed by Greta Gerwig, written by Gerwig and Noah Bambauch, and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. I don't know what the movie is about, but hear that pedigree and I am already running off to buy my ticket. 

I already knew the talent attached before watching this teaser trailer, but somehow it never registered that Barbie was going to be the next movie from the director that has made modern favourites in Little Women and Lady Bird. Probably couldn't get over my complete lack of interest in more movies based off popular toys, especially one that doesn't exactly have an intriguing built-in story.

Of course, this was also true about Trolls, which was a movie based off toys that to my knowledge had absolutely zero story outside the mystery of how they got their coloured hair to shoot straight out of their head. I ended up being pleasantly surprised and becoming a big fan of both Troll movies. So, I clearly should have known better, and not dared be dismissive of Barbie.

I am aware it is just a very short teaser and tells me absolutely nothing about the plot, but the little snippets has me ready to go all in on this. It looks like a candy coated, high-caffeine blast.

If I were put on the spot to list the laziest and most over-used parodies then the opening to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey would rank very high. But this one actually had scope and scale, and rather than just being a nudge and a wink to a movie classic, it gave this teaser a grand feel. 

Plus, as much as it pains me to accept this, but there is a good chance a large portion of the target audience and those watching the trailer are not even aware of the cinematic classic (please do not admit this to anyone and just go see the movie to fix your sins). Like all good parodies, this teaser opening works and is funny even without knowledge of what it is referencing.

Then we zip into modern times to get a high-energy montage of the world of Barbie. This is bright, colourful, and hyperactive. The brief scenes and characters look goofy, silly, and joyful. In a time that so much seems to be negative, what we really need is more things that are goofy, silly, and especially joyful. This does not look like 1995's A Brady Bunch Movie where it is mocking its source material, but rather it hints at a comedy that is done with affection and love for the toyline.

The set design looks terrific with its bright pastel colours that make it appear like a full-sized Barbie toy set. This is a movie that isn't trying to be grounded or realistic, but rather embody the spirit of fantasy and glamour with bright colours and elaborate scenery. 

Margot Robbie is a gorgeous woman, but she also has proven to be an incredible screen presence when it comes to both drama and comedy. There is a playfulness being presented with the brief glimpse of her as Barbie. Ryan Gosling looks like a terrific Ken, and he also just seems to be having a blast bringing the classic plastic figure to life.

There is no sign of plot. There is no firm sign of the direction the movie is planning to take. But it has already captured the proper tone and energy with a movie that clearly is not taking itself seriously, but also wants to present its story with care and respect.

Most popular brands turned into movies are all about being bigger and louder with the ultimate goal of saving the world. This movie can feel fresh and different next summer despite being based on a global-known IP, because it is about comedy and fun rather than big scale action like every other big studio production. There is also a very strong chance it will be one of the summer movies without a sky beam. Maybe. I hear, they are great for dance parties.