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The Breakdown of the Worst Movies of 2022

2022 has been a terrific movie year. But it also has had quite a few stinkers that we had to endure. Last week, we celebrated the movies that did not get enough recognition. Next week, we will reveal what we feel are the very best movies, so we will have a lot of great recommendations from 2022. But this week, these are the movies that we beg you to avoid for your safety and sanity. It is our annual look at the very worst movies of the year, as both Scott and I list our top ten most painful movie-watching experiences of 2022.

The movies may have been a slog, but the episode was a blast to record. We really hope you love it, and if you do, then please share it one social media, so other movie fans can discover us.

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Questions of the Week: What is your favourite movie of 2022?

Worst Movies of 2022:


10. Jurassic World: Dominion
9. Halloween Ends
8. Moonfall
7. The Man from Toronto
6. Firestarter
5. Memory
4. Marmaduke
3. Morbius
2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
1. Blonde


10. Jurassic World: Dominion
9. Moonfall
8. Grimcutty
7. Morbius
6. Halloween Ends
5. Good Night, Mommy
4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3. Choose or Die
2. Every 2022 Bruce Willis Movie 
1. Marmaduke