Here is Poetry from Childhood Christopher - 'On Halloween'

I am humbled and grateful that my first 2023 foray into creative writing has turned out to be the biggest hit on the site to kick-off the year with my silly short fiction, 'A Completely Random and Odd Conversation Between Strangers in a Waiting Room.'

But this is not my first piece of fiction or creative writing on the site, and it isn't even close to one of the first pieces that I ever wrote.

I wrote a library full of poetry and short stories when I was a kid, and even before I could write, I was telling tales. Sadly, a lot of my childhood writing is lost in the abyss of time or buried under mounds of dirty diapers and Dunkaroos containers.

One of my most productive years of childhood creative writing was Grade 3 where the amazing Ms. McCombe would not only encourage my creative writing, but introduce me to various forms and styles of writing. It was that year where I dabbled in quite a bit of poetry, and would often craft several in my free time for her to read.

I may have to scour the depths of my parents' house to see if any of these poems or any childhood stories have survived time.

But due to the fact that my mom liked one particular poem enough that she blew it up along with a drawing to be a Halloween decoration (that then was photographed), there is at least one childhood work that has survived time.

Since my modern creative writing seems to attract views, here is a taste of my beginnings with a poem that I assume was written somewhere between 8 to 10-years-old.

And yes, I know that Frankenstein was the doctor not the monster, but it appears that I did not know that at the time of my writing. I also seem to have believed vampires were called Draculas, just like how grandparents called all video systems a Nintendo.


On Halloween

On Halloween night all the witches, frankesteins (sic), goblins, and draculas (sic)
Also go trick or treating.
You would not know for everyone is dressed up,
Like you and your friends.
But they also do something you would not DARE.
For they do not eat their candy,
They save it for next year.