I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

Inspiration from Small Places


Danika was recognized with two awards at the recent assembly at her school. I have made it tradition to attend every assembly when I am made aware one of my kids will be winning something. I believe, this is the first time Danika or Everett has achieved a school award at an assembly before that giant inconvenience known as Covid-19 came shambling into everyone's life.

One award was for Danika being a positive and hard-working presence in the classroom, and her teacher mentioned how Danika threw herself with great joy into their Christmas concert practices, and helped inspire the rest of her class to work hard. Danika as someone who is positive and motivates others is not shocking information. She is one of the most optimistic, kindest, warm-hearted, encouraging, and loving people that I know, and I am forever grateful I get the honour to be her father.

It is always nice for her shining attributes to be acknowledged in public, and she was thrilled to get the recognition.

The second award was even more inspiring to me. She received it for the amount of reading she has done over the last several months and the massive improvement she has earned through that hard work. 

Covid-19 wasn't wonderful for anyone. It did not make academics any easier for Danika who is a kinesthetic learner, and that isn't something that is easy to do with online learning. She was thrown into that form of learning when she was in Junior Kindergarten, and had to learn in very disrupted form for two years after.

This meant she wasn't quite where she needed to be with her reading when she entered Grade 2 this year. What has been extra hard on her is that her brother has been a strong and avid reader since Kindergarten. I know she had her days where she just believed she would never really become a skilled reader.

I told her to not give up. She kept at it with encouragement and motivation. Her improvement from where she was in September compared to now is remarkable. I am very proud of her. 

The two awards are kind of linked. She has vastly improved in her reading because she remained positive and worked hard.

While I don't expect that I'll be getting a True Colour Award at any point in the future, like usual my kids' achievements are an inspiration to me. It is a reminder to continue to remain optimistic and positive, and use those emotions to drive me towards my goals and dreams.

Congratulations Danika, I love you so much! And thank you for reminding daddy how to live my life every day.