8 Reasons Mondays Are Great

Don't listen to Garfield. Because if we learned anything from politics the past several years, we should never listen to someone orange, fat, and egotistical. I get it is cool to throw rocks at Mondays, but there are good reasons to like the start of the week. I am here to provide eight of them.

1. Monday rhymes with Fun Day! Sort of. Depending on how you pronounce it.

2. Monday is the start of the week, and the start of something means a fresh start. You know what other day symbolizes a fresh start? New Year's Day. We love New Year's Day so much that we throw a big party for it the night before. Monday is just like a weekly New Year's Day, except you have to work.

3. Monday means it is just four more days until Friday!

4. Monday means those delightful and never irritating morning radio DJs are back to banter about things like 'Can you believe it is Monday again' and 'How about those Mondays.'

5. Monday means if you work from home you finally have the house to yourself and the promise of no one interrupting you because they need a glass of water or their sibling won't give their lion stuffy back.

6. Monday means you have more than just weather and the price of bagel as conversation starters with strangers or acquaintances. You can say things like 'Can you believe it is Monday' and 'How about those Mondays.'

7. Monday mean if you work in an office, you can now bore a new set of people about that article about mollusk migration you read over the weekend.

8. Monday means if anything goes wrong then you mutter, 'Mondays, am I right?' to anyone nearby, and they can give you a polite chuckle.