Children's Stories Perfect for a Disney Animated Adaptation. . . Or Maybe Not

Disney has turned several beloved fairy tales and children's stories into animated classics. They have done such an incredible job that often it is the Disney version most remember better than the original story. But Disney is always looking for more animated family adventure features. I am here today to help them out with a few stories that for some reason have never been Disneyfied.

This Little Piggy: Finally, we can get a full-length animated answer to what that little piggy was doing at the market. Will this be the first truly dark Disney animated film to fuel nightmares for generations? Or was the piggy just picking up a nice sweater? 

The Monster at the End of the Book: A little work would be needed before attempting this movie, such as getting into a partnership with Sesame Street, and a change in the title from 'book' into 'movie'. The book is a true classic that deserves the big budget animation treatment to really seal its immortal status. This would also be a true favourite among theatre owners as Grover would spend 90 minutes begging the kids to leave the theatre and stop watching, which they could then buy more popcorn and Grover stuffies instead. 

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep: Finally, we can expand upon that little boy who lives down the lane. How could he afford wool that was also worthy of a master and dame? What was he really doing down the lane? Does he live on his own? What adventures will be had with that wool? There is also potential for an animated cinematic universe when he runs into Mary in the third act.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Sure, many Disney characters have wished upon a star, but have they bothered to 'wonder what you are'? Is it a diamond in the sky? Jiminy Cricket and Snow White have never bothered to find out. This will be the movie where the star gets the adventure, and no longer relegated to a cameo.

Hansel & Gretel: Actually, both Danika and Everett on separate occasions have asked why Disney has never made a movie based on this story. I couldn't give a good answer. This would actually be the one on this ridiculous list that could be a super cool movie.

Humpty Dumpty: Did you know that at no point in the actual nursery rhyme does it claim the ol'Humpster is an actual egg? This means Disney could do what it does best and ignore common parts of a children's story, and go in unexpected ways. He could be. . . well. . . a plastic egg or even a glass egg!!!! Or if you trust Google, a canon! The possibilities! Also, we can get a whole backstory about how horses learned to put things together with their hooves. This is the type of stuff we've needed showcased in animated form for far too long.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: The book is a classic, but did it really go far enough? He could eat a hamburger or even a cheeseburger or even a cheeseburger with fries? Think of the great tie-in possibilities with McDonald's. The most lucrative animated feature ever!!!!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?: Based off how many times Everett wanted me to read him this book when he was 2, I see money. That is what I see.

But seriously, what classic children's story should get the Disney treatment?